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Local Encounters: Connecting with Vietnam’s Warm and Welcoming People

Vietnam is one of the world’s most travel-friendly countries, drawing the attention of millions of tourists from around the world.This country in Southeast Asia, ranks as one of most picturesque places on earth as it has an incredibly diversified environment.

Some remarkable features of this nation include beaches, stunning islands, caves, verdant rice fields, and hiking paths. You will come across a wonderful fusion of cultures, history, and tons of delectable food when you select from a wide array of Vietnam Tour packages. It is about the beautiful scenery and the rich culture which will leave an enduring impression.

After choosing your Vietnam tour package, you will encounter Vietnamese people along the road and can make friendly relations with them. Most of us want to feel more connected to the areas we visit, and there is no better means to do this than through working with the locals in Vietnam.

Like most of Southeast Asia, the Vietnamese are renowned for their constant smiles and open-mindedness toward foreigners. They are among the friendliest countries in the world and are open-minded and interested. Despite their reticence, it is rather simple to meet locals in Vietnam. If they don’t speak English, there may be a communication barrier, but most individuals are eager and excited to meet and converse with someone new. Moreover, you can enjoy working with Vietnamese people.

  1. Coffee Houses

Vietnamese coffee is one of the “must-do” activities to do while visiting Vietnam. Do not be shocked to see a large number of residents gathered outside a coffee shop sipping slowly because coffee culture is an integral component of daily life. These coffee shops offer a wonderful opportunity to become fully immersed in the local way of life and culture. People of various ages, from young students studying to elderly people meeting up with friends, are frequently seen. The relaxed atmosphere fosters deep conversations, and you’ll probably have interesting encounters with locals and other travellers who also enjoy coffee. It’s also an outstanding chance to meet other coffee enthusiasts and sample some of Vietnam’s best coffee beans.

  1. Parks, Lakes and Bars

It is not unusual to run into a lot of students who want to practise the English language with you, especially while you are strolling through parks like Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi or Taoàn Park in Ho Chi Minh City. These serene and peaceful locations are perfect for striking up a nice conversation, where people can offer you various insights.

Next, the residents and visitors both are drawn to the low-cost beer scene. Solo backpackers enjoy cheap beers; locals too cannot resist a good deal. All you have to do is head to Beer Lane in Hanoi’s Old Quarter and hunt for an outdoor open bar with plastic stools. You’ll be sipping cheap beers and interacting the night away with youthful locals and other travellers.

  1. Homestays

A home-stay is prefered than a hotel if you are genuinely hoping to meet people from the area and get a true sense of the culture. The highland regions like Sapa and Quang Nam provide excellent places to enjoy a homestay experience because of the cultural richness and stunning monuments in Vietnam. Sapa is well-known for its lush landscape and for being home to a wide variety of highlands ethnic minorities. It can be a genuinely remarkable experience to experience the local culture and life while relaxing in a real homestay among lovely rice fields, as is the case in Sapa. Cities like Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh may offer you a better sense of what life is like for locals in a busy metropolis when you choose for a Vietnam tour package. 

  1. Find a Regional Expert

A local guide might be hired to learn about a nation quickly. We dislike the typical tourist routes which lead you to congested locations. You’d want a trustworthy somebody to lead you off from the beaten path so you may see and feel what they do. Your local guide will be able to take you to locations that other tourists might not get the chance to see. Some guides are free, but the majority are not.

Free student tours and walking excursions are offered by non-profit organisations operating across the nation, mostly in cities. It offers them a wonderful opportunity for them to improve their proficiency in English together and for the visitors to discover more about Vietnamese culture. The most enthusiastic Vietnamese people that wish to show you around can be found on websites like Inspitrip and Free Tour Vietnam.

  1. Message Forums

In places like Facebook Teams, Expat and Language exchanges sites, you can find enthusiastic locals eager to interact with foreigners. Locals who desire to study languages (mainly English) can do so on a variety of message boards. Visitors can attend these gatherings and even discover someone who will drive you to neighbourhood activities, supper, or a night out with their friends. You’ll definitely meet some locals if you go there and who knows, the initial meeting might result in lifelong friendships!

  1. Make way for Volunteer

Working with welcoming communities is one of the advantages of volunteering in Vietnam. Among the many volunteer options are those in education, English teaching, animal welfare, and orphanages. When you work with the Vietnamese local people you can have an experience that is unforgettable and which you would cherish for a lifetime. You’ll get to collaborate with locals and others who share your interests while volunteering.


To sum up, Making a local buddy can tremendously enhance your trip, especially if you’re travelling alone. Insiders from the area can be a priceless source of knowledge because they can provide you advice on how to find the nation’s hidden treasures and cultural treasures. In a nutshell, they are the finest tour guides you could ask for. Every picture you take will serve as a record of the special relationships you forged in Vietnam, including the people you meet along the journey.


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